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[this is good] And go Nico!

Corndog Queen

Oh Man. Really? The Twilight series really IS good? I have been holding off on reading it, thinking old lady thoughts like, "these whipper snappers today wouldn't  know a good book if it bit them on the butt" (or on the neck)

Okay. I give in. I will read them.


Well, Anna Karenina it's not -- it's not going to change your life, but you may enjoy the time wasted. It's a little like Buffy in book form. But then I've grown so very, very tired of all these earnest memoirs and personal journeys and "my year without ..." -- I need a little silliness.

I will be interested to see what you think!


I took your advice (and Mom's) and went in search of Trouble. Would you believe that in the entire Boston Public Library system (including 25 branches), there is only one copy of it? In the entire system!
And would believe that it is currently checked out?

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