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Corndog Queen

Hey Amity,

I hear you on the school holidays. Yay School holidays!

 I make my own calendar every year, and this year I HIGHLIGHTED the days I have off. Such happy times.

I mean, I am happy to have a job and all. But still...


The 'bug is back in the houuuuuuuuse!!!  Woot woot! 

Love the year-in-advance idea.  Things to look forward to, for sure.  I should try this.

I can't believe your beautiful daughter is FIVE.  And starting kindergarten.  And that you and Erik went on your first date TEN YEARS AGO.  That makes us officially OLD, I'm afraid.  :-)

You're starting a garden?  What a wonderful thing.  Veggies from the garden are the best.  Watch out for the snails.

Oooh, and thank you for the book recommendations.  I'm-a get that Neal Stephenson book ASAP--I was just looking for something to load on my phone.  (Oh I covet a real Kindle--so cool.  Do you ever use the text to speech function?  I've read about this--am intrigued.)


They really are the best. For teachers who get SO many days off, it is a little pathetic how much we need, NEED those holidays, but we do, so there. For the most part, office wage slaves at least can pee and grab coffee whenever they damn well choose. But, you are right, we are lucky to have jobs. :)


Yes, friend, we are officially OLD. So very, very old. Youth is wasted on the young, I fear. And yes, the kid is getting BIG -- big enough that people have stopped hassling us about when the second one is coming. Now they tsk at us in silent pity. Well, almost silent.

We did a garden last year and the snails were TOTAL BASTARDS. I mean, beyond the pale. We finally NUKED THEM FROM ORBIT (it's the only way to be sure) but not before they had eaten all our cucumbers and zucchini. Snails 1; Batemans 0. This year I feel more prepared in terms of a snail defense -- I can see 'em coming.

And the Kindle was a gift (I don't think I would have gotten one on my own) but I love it So So So Much, like a dear lost relation. I think about it when I'm not with it. I talk about it all the time. I have not tried the text-to-speech functionality. Thank you for the reminder. Maybe I'll bring it on Sunday and have it read to us. :)

Obese Cat

New Jersey!


Maybe if we're there for more than the two days we usually have, we can actually get together. We have kids who have never met!

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