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I am in a bind.  I would LOVE to get a Kindle, but I already have a damn wanna-be Kindle--the Kindle app on my iPhone--so I can't really justify it.  But oh, I can see its virtues!  Wish I had one for my upcoming Florida trip.  Hmmm...maybe file it as a business expense?  Yeah, user interface research, that should work!

If I had Infinite Jest on a Kindle with hyperlinked footnotes, I bet I would have finished it.  Still feel ashamed that I never did.  Maybe I'll download it on my phone--that will be an INSANE amount of page-turning, but I bet it will last my whole vacation.


Hey Am! Just wasting time at work and reading blogs. Your kindle is neato, but I still find books easier to read mostly because I often fall asleep while reading and am afraid I would crush or drop the kindle while snoozing. This would be particularly true when reading Infinite Jest.


Oh, I know -- NO CHANCE I would have one if it hadn't shown up as a gift from my infinitely awesome Dad. Plus the expense of getting books that aren't in the public domain (I have been reading lots of free Jane Austen).

BUT Infinite Jest was so much less daunting on the nicely-sized Kindle pages -- your eyes don't slide down these page-long sentences and skip over all the good stuff. It was so much better on the Kindle. So Much! I think I may need to change this blog to "Me and My Kindle."

I also think the e-ink beats the heck out of reading on a back-lit phone or computer screen. It is very page-esque.

(I'm such a shill. Seriously, Amazon is not paying me.)


Hi Paul!
I do have that problem -- I also crush my glasses when I fall asleep reading, so I guess it's an occupational hazard. The Kindle just falls on my face, so I take most of the damage.

And it's fine for YOU to hate on my favorite book, when you keep suggesting I read economics textbooks for fun. I don't exactly want that falling on my face.

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