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Yes, this is just WRONG.  Why no pirates for girls?  It's all Disney princesses, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, and Hannah Montana. 

Ella is all girly girl, pink and purple, flowers and kittens, but she was sad when she wanted Cars-themed underwear and it was only available in boy-style.  I almost bought it for her anyway.   

There should be a shop on Etsy (or somewhere online) to fill this need.  Hey, business opportunity?

Corndog Queen

Why can't she wear the boy underwear? Is that weird? I guess it is. Fight the system! Also? Tinkerbell in an eyepatch makes me smile. I like to think about someone cleaning Tink's clock. I hate that sassy fairy. She is NOT a good role model.



Can she wear boy undies?




I don't understand why you can't just buy the boy's underwear.

X because that's a sure sign there is either treasure, booze, or wenches.


See, I know -- I am also buying into Gendered Undies because she COULD wear boy pirate underwear. BUT -- how to say without offending the transgendered -- XY and XX individuals generally have different junk downstairs. The undies do fit differently.


I hate shopping for girl undies. They are so branded. I don't mind the flowers and ruffles as much as I used to, but the Disney Princess stuff -- it is troubling. 


Yes, I also hate that Tinkerbell. And I doubly hate her whole back story about how she doesn't WANT to be a tinker fairy (Math is Hard!) and she doesn't WANT to wear her long tinker dress. She wants to be a slut flower fairy! Oh yes, that's empowering.

Does Maggie read the Rainbow Magic fairy tripe? I can't put them on the library shelves fast enough before a first grader is wetting herself with joy about finding Penny the Pony Fairy.


YES! That is the best answer.

BUT, though a pirate's favorite letter may be EITHER  R or X, they also love the C.


Corndog Queen

Margaret has been known to check out the flower fairy schlock, but this week, to my delight, she read "Half Magic". Oh, the memories I have of reading that book...


Back in our twenties, one of my girlfriends would wear boy underwear to the gym for her workouts.  The boy shorts--but really, she bought MEN'S underwear to work out in!  She loved it.  I say give it a whirl.  And yes, my lower-ability readers would check out the rainbow fairy books . . . sigh . . . 




ye scurvy knave!

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