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hey that's pretty shocking. I've read pride and prejudice twice (a rarity for me) and have seen numerous film versions too - and I'm a guy! sad and slightly embarrassed.


I liked Jane Austen when I read her in college, but I read too many in one swoop and the novels all blend together in my memory. 

Free stuff on the Kindle makes me think of the limited library we had when we did study-abroad in Florence.  It was too hard (and I was too poor) to buy modern English-language books so I got ALL caught up on mah classics.

Oh and we just started watching The Tudors--we were hoping to find something as absorbing as The Wire or Rome. But no.  Lots of smoldering glances and sexytime but meh...now I think we'll move on to Nurse Jackie.  We've heard good things. 


WOW, I'm not sure I would have flagged you of all people as a closet P&P. Way to be secure in your masculinity, my friend. 


Yeah, just AD for The Tudors on the back of the New Yorker made me blush. :)

It's F1 season so I am probably out of other TV until October. Thank God there are only a few more episodes of Lost.


Breaking Bad is being called the new "Best Show on Television Ever" Haven't watched it yet, but it stars the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle. (and what's a P & P? Methinks I've been insulted.)

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