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'solids match' - nothing wrong with that

Corndog Queen

Wow, I dress like a homeless fashion designer every day, too! 

Whoo hoo for good will and thrift town. I mean, come on, if we dressed to try and impress the kids we see everyday, we'd look like hookers. Looking like a tree totally works. 


Oh yes, I am all about hand-me-downs, Craigslist, Ross, and Goodwill.  When I do go into a department store, I am always horrified by the prices.  $50 for a shirt?  Why? 

Those responses crack me up.  Awww.... and ouch!  Hope he was joking...ahem.

My most similar situation happened when we were going out door to door for Equality California and every [comfy, casual] shirt I put on, my husband gently nixed.  "The goal is to present as a heterosexual family...."  Hee.  I do have more femme gear but it's in the dressy/business-y/Easter Sunday end of my closet.

I look forward to reading your posts.  I commit to commenting on each one, so you'll know I'm out here. 


Maybe it's a librarian thing!


That's my feeling. At school, we have a dress code and all, but DAMN, don't these girls have mothers? Or dads that say, Not under my roof?

I think purchasing clothing that has been "previously enjoyed" is very GREEN. Not a Prius, but still.


YES -- I am definitely stuck in the 90s with respect to prices. I even went into Payless the other day -- and what? Shoes are in double digits? Unacceptable!

That is the most hilarious clothing/politics story I have ever heard. I laughed heartily. And Good for YOU for going door-to-door in a more conservative enclave. It's easy to do in the Bay Area where it is totally not needed but much more stressful where you might get vehement pushback. 


Hey Bug, I'm gonna sign you up for that show "what not to wear" so you can get a free wardrobe and exhibit your funny snarks to a wider audience. I've been attempting to update my blog to recap my mundane life for each month of the year, but I started and ended on January. These vanity projects shouldn't take so much effort. (Maybe that's why Twitter is so popular.) But you should keep it up so I have another website to waste my time with at work. 


That would be AWESOME. I would love to get a new wardrobe. Please represent my fashion autism appropriately.

Maybe you could update your blog on a quarterly basis.

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